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Preventing Back Pain

Preventing Back Pain in Birmingham

At Birmingham Wellness Center, our focus is not just on treating pain, but in helping to prevent it. Back pain, for example, is so common that 80% of us will experience it at some point in our life. While injuries and accidents can happen, there are some steps you can take to prevent back pain.

back pain

Proper Nutrition

When you lack proper nutrition, it can lead to a weakening of the bones and muscles and affect how your neuromuscular system functions. Food is fuel that operates your body, hopefully at a peak performance level. In addition, when you eat properly, you will likely carry less weight which puts less stress on the back. If you've been struggling with your diet, ask for a Functional Medicine consultation at Birmingham Wellness Center. 

Stretches and Exercise

If you are going to engage in activity, be sure to stretch ahead of time. This can better get muscles and tissues prepared for the task ahead. If you are not active, consider getting started in some sort of program that gets you moving. This builds up muscle strength providing better strength in the back.

Lift Properly

When lifting heavy objects, be sure to use your legs. This takes some of the strain off of the back. You should also be careful not to over-reach when trying to get to an item. Reaching can over extend the back and when you pick up an object with the back extended, it can lead to back injuries. This, of course, can lead to a call to your Birmingham chiropractor at Birmingham Wellness Center.

Back Pain Treatment at Birmingham Wellness Center

At Birmingham Wellness Center we are pleased to offer back pain treatment without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. Our Birmingham chiropractors uses natural chiropractic care to relieve pain, restore mobility, and restore wellness. Along with chiropractic adjustments, we may use acoustic compression therapy, massage therapy, stress relief and other treatments to resolve your pain. At Birmingham Wellness Center, we don't just mask the pain, we offer common sense back pain treatment that is safe and effective.

Find Out More About Back Pain Treatment at Birmingham Wellness Center

If you suffer from back pain, relief starts with a phone call to 248-645-6070. Make an appointment and get started on your back pain treatment soon. Birmingham Wellness Center is located at 219 Elm Street in Birmingham.