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Metagenics at Birmingham Wellness Center

Metagenics has built a reputation on nutraceuticals and medical food that meet the high expectations of healthcare professionals worldwide and serving the best interest of patients by providing products with the goal of improving health and reversing chronic illness.  Never compromising on safety, efficacy or quality, Metagenics, maintains a strong focus on research keeping them on the leading edge of the current evolution of personalized medicine.

Standard Process at Birmingham Wellness Center

Standard Process, a 70-year-old company with farm and manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, is the leading producer of whole food supplements.  They grow the foods, following strict organic requirements for soil, harvest those vegetables and transform them into the supplements that are prescribed by licensed healthcare practitioners only. They are processed in such a way so as to preserve all of the live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, known and unknown,  inherent in the plant source; thus the description as "whole" food.

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