Neck Pain FAQ

Neck pain is one of the most common spine-related complaints among patients of all ages. As a leader in neck pain treatment for patients in and around Birmingham, MI, the Birmingham Wellness Center uses the most advanced holistic techniques to relieve neck pain and prevent it from recurring. This neck pain FAQ is designed to answer the most common questions patient have about neck pain.

Neck Pain

What are common causes of neck pain?

The neck is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, and issues affecting any of these structures can result in pain and related symptoms. Some of the most common causes of neck pain are slipped or herniated discs in the upper portion of the spine (the cervical spine), carrying uneven or very heavy loads like overloaded backpacks, long periods of time spent bent over phones and other electronics, and poor posture. Sleeping on a mattress or pillow that doesn’t provide adequate support can also cause or exacerbate neck pain symptoms. Some neck pain is related to whiplash, a condition that occurs when a fall, car accident or other accident causes the head to snap back and forth rapidly, resulting in nerve and soft tissue damage in the neck.

What symptoms are associated with neck pain?

In addition to pain and aching in the joints and muscles of the neck, when neck pain is caused by whiplash or by a herniated or slipped disc, you may also experience symptoms like pain, numbness and tingling sensations radiating into the shoulders, upper back and arms. Sometimes, symptoms can travel to the mid back or down to the hands and fingers. Without treatment, muscle weakness can develop, resulting in a weakened grip and loss of coordination in the hands. Neck pain is also a very common cause of chronic headaches, jaw, and face pain.

How can chiropractic treatment help relieve my neck pain?

Neck pain treatment starts with a careful assessment of your symptoms to ensure the most appropriate treatments are provided. Most patients respond very well to spinal adjustments that realign the vertebrae while helping slipped discs resume their normal positions so nerve irritation is eliminated. Massage can be very effective in stimulating circulation in and around injured tissues, helping to promote natural healing responses for better tissue repair and renewal. Plus, your chiropractor will provide you with important lifestyle guidance including therapeutic stretching exercises that can be performed at home to help speed healing and relieve symptoms more quickly.

What steps can I take for neck pain prevention?

Neck pain prevention starts by seeing your chiropractor in Birmingham MI for routine chiropractic evaluations to ensure your spine remains healthy and properly aligned. Practicing better posture while sitting and standing, taking regular breaks during work, and when using a computer or smartphone is very important. Your chiropractor can also teach you how to use gentle stretches and exercise to improve posture and relieve strain to prevent inflammation in the muscles and other soft tissues.

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