Meet Dr. Kellyann

  • Dr.
    Kellyann Petrucci
    Celebrity Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert, Author, Media Personality

    Dr. Kellyann is a contributing partner at Birmingham Wellness Center. You may have seen her on Fox Detroit, where she is a regular contributor. She is the driving force behind the popular lifestyle website and the author of five recent health and lifestyle books from John Wiley & Sons. She appears on national media and conducts workshops and seminars to help people feel - and look their best.

    Dr. Kellyann has some 20 years in practice and is a graduate of Temple University, St. Joseph's University, as well as Logan University along with being a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor. Her patients range from a 500 pound man on the verge of heading into a diabetic coma to 40- and 50 something women who struggle to lose that extra 10-15 pounds.

    She promotes a back to the basic approach to living. Her diet and lifestyle plans are designed to work best for the human body and its DNA. 'We were designed to accommodate foods that are in their freshest and most real state - plain and simple.'

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