Auto Immune Issues

Autoimmune Issues

Autoimmune diseases are widespread by some estimates, this is the third largest of all disease categories in the US. They cause pain, disability, and many other symptoms, and can increase susceptibility to infection because of their effect on the immune system. At Birmingham Wellness Center, your Birmingham chiropractor, we take a different approach to autoimmune issues.

Autoimmune Issues

About Autoimmune Disease

All autoimmune diseases target the patient’s immune system. Unlike an infection, autoimmune diseases cannot be cured with an antibiotic or antiviral drug; conventional medicine usually manages the symptoms with medications. However, those with autoimmune diseases are more susceptible to conditions such as yeast infections, which must be treated to improve health. More than 80 different autoimmune diseases have been identified, ranging from relative common conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypo- and hyperthyroidism and celiac disease, to rare conditions like Wegener’s granulomatosis. Women make up about 75 percent of patients who suffer from autoimmune conditions.


One of the central factors in all autoimmune conditions is chronic inflammation. The inflammatory response occurs in all body structures, leading to sleep disruption, joint pain and stiffness, changes in vital signs like the pulse and blood pressure, and organ malfunctions. In thyroid disease, for example, it makes the gland produce too little or too much thyroid hormone. Multiple sclerosis causes muscle weakness. Rheumatoid arthritis causes swollen, stiff, painful joints and joint distortion. Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease damage the digestive system. Joint pain may cause changes in gait, posture or body mechanics, which results in spinal or joint misalignments.

Autoimmune Disease

Our chiropractor is trained in whole-body care, not just musculoskeletal issues. For example, chronic inflammation often results from eating inflammatory foods. These include wheat and other grains, sugar, soy, and nightshades such as tomatoes and potatoes. At the same time, many with autoimmune problems have nutritional imbalances and need supplements. Inflammatory processes can result in back and neck pain, migraines and allergy symptoms. The nervous system doesn’t function properly when the spine is out of alignment, which makes many of these symptoms worse. A chiropractic adjustment can bring relief to many symptoms. Massage and targeted exercise help relieve other symptoms.

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If you have symptoms of autoimmune disease such as fatigue, back, neck or joint pain, you may find chiropractic treatment helpful. In addition, chiropractic is safe and non-invasive. It is also drug-free, which means no medication side effects. Please contact us at (248) 645-6070. We serve patients of all ages at our office, located at 219 Elm Street in Birmingham MI. Our evening and Saturday hours make it easy to schedule an appointment. Birmingham Wellness Center, your Birmingham chiropractor, can help restore or improve your health, provide pain relief and allow you to enjoy your life again.


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