Birmingham Functional Medicine & Applied Kinesiology

Birmingham Wellness is dedicated to offering people in all walks of life the ability to achieve structural, biochemical, and emotional wellbeing through holistic care. We do this by instructing people how to maintain optimal health through dietary and lifestyle changes. This type of comprehensive approach has been coined the Functional Medicine model.  New patients interested in optimizing their health using the Functional Medicine approach can restore vitality through our holistic diet plans, lifestyle modifications, and individualized nutritional, homeopathic or herbal supplementation, if necessary.  If you are ready to address the underlying cause of your healthcare concerns or are looking to achieve optimal wellness we welcome you to explore our Functional Nutrition Program!

Birmingham Nutritional Assessment & Follow Up

Your first Functional Nutrition assessment visit will be up to 1 hour long.  This will include time to review your health history, BIA scan, and perform a nutrition focused physical exam utilizing an advanced diagnostic technique called Applied Kinesiology.  Applied Kinesiology is based on ancient Chinese Medicine.  The doctor utilizes manual muscle testing to evaluate the energetic meridians and organ systems of the body to reveal the root cause of health problems.   Other non-invasive functional diagnostic tests will also be performed as needed. A 30 minute Report of Findings appointment will be scheduled where you and the doctor will discuss the results of your initial Functional Nutrition assessment. At that time, the doctor will also let you know if she recommends any further lab testing. You will then receive a treatment plan that addresses the cause of the underlying health condition.  This treatment plan will include a specific diet protocol based on your needs, and any nutritional, homeopathic or herbal supplements that are recommended.

You will also be asked to bring all the supplements and medications that you currently take.  If you have had blood work performed in the last six months please bring that as well.  Follow- up appointments are up to 30 minutes in duration.   At the start of the Functional Nutrition Program, most patients return an average 3 times a month.  It is our intention to get patients healthy enough that they only need to return for wellness care once every month or two.

Frequently Asked Functional Nutrition Questions:

Will insurance cover my visit?

As most insurance companies do not cover nutrition assessments, we do not accept any insurance for this service.   Please feel free to call the office for more information.

What do you charge for Functional Nutrition office visits?

Initial Functional Nutrition Assessment and Report of Findings: $299 plus the cost of supplements, if needed. ($50 non-refundable deposit required to schedule initial visit)

Follow Up Functional Nutrition Visit:  $85 for up to 30 minutes.

What should I do before my first visit?

You will need to fill out online paperwork through Living Matrix.  Once you have scheduled your first appointment you will be sent an email with a link to the paperwork.  This is likely the most comprehensive paperwork you have ever had to fill out for an appointment-so please allow yourself an hour to complete it!

How often do most patients see our doctors for Functional Nutrition?

Most patients return on average 2-3x a month in the beginning of their treatment.  Each person's progress depends on their unique physiology, as well as the severity and duration of the condition, and the adherence to the recommended treatment plan.  Our treatment approach is designed to address the whole person and the underlying cause of the problem.  For some individuals, this can take time.

Once patients have met their health goals they are invited to continue with maintenance wellness visits once every month or two.

What if I’m already taking medications or other nutritional supplements?

Please bring everything you are currently taking to your appointment.

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