30 Day Reset

30 Day Paleo Reset in Birmingham Brings New Resolve to Chiropractic Patients

30 Day Reset at Birmingham Wellness

30 Day Reset ProgramChiropractors at Birmingham Wellness Center (BWC) assist area patients in attaining a healthy lifestyle with the 30 Day Paleo Reset. According to Dr. Jennifer Turnbull Bonde of the Center, a common New Year's resolution is to lose weight, diet, adopt a healthy lifestyle, get in shape, or some variation on the theme. Dr. Turnbull Bonde stated that in her experience, whether people are interested in taking off a few vanity pounds or in making major lifestyle changes to take off fifty, one hundred pounds, or more, the desire to lose weight seems to weigh heavily on the minds of many people. The chiropractors at BWC and their partner Dr. Jennifer have seen the success of the Paleo Diet and provide nutrition counseling to patients interested in weight loss and healthy living. 

According to the staff and doctors at BWC, many people lose their resolve within the first 30 days and by February 1st are ready to drown their misery and pack on the pounds in Valentine's chocolates. Dr. Jennifer, a partner of the Center, recommends the 30-day Paleo Reset as a diet plan that enables patients to see real results faster and ultimately harden resolve.

“This diet offers so much more than weight loss as a benefit. While many patients enjoy significant weight loss, they also enjoy benefits such as balanced blood sugar, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and stronger immune systems,” said Dr. Petrucci. She stated that patients also tend to experience longer and more restful sleep.

In addition to a focus on a healthy lifestyle, the 30-day plan involves eating foods that are not processed, or minimally processed, and avoiding grains and dairy products. According to Dr. Petrucci, "After following the plan for 30 days, patients can kick their addictions to sugar to the curb, which is very important." She went on to state that the diet plan provides a total reset, both mentally and physically. Many patients experience a change of habits and tastes as a result of the 30-day reset.

Dr. Petrucci believes this can be a tremendous benefit to anyone who has resolved to losing weight and getting healthy in the New Year. Patients must commit to a full 30 days of the eating plan to provide their bodies with enough time to experience a full reset. “There is a downside,” stated to Dr. Petrucci. “This is a one shot deal. If people stray from the plan during that time they must start over.”

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