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Birmingham Chiropractor Shares Paleo Program with Other Practitioners

A Birmingham chiropractor is encouraging other chiropractors to participate in a dietary program espoused by her clinic available to better serve their patients. Birmingham Wellness Center is utilizing a program called Paleo Practice, based on the Paleo Diet, as part of a balanced approach to health maintenance and disease management, according to the center's founder and owner Dr. Jennifer Bonde. 

Dr. Bonde explains that modern life tends to inundate consumers with a combination of hectic and easily obtained "convenience foods," including fast food, junk food and highly processed packaged meals. A diet based on these foods, she says, can flood the body with starches, sugars, fats, sodium, preservatives and other ingredients that tend to inhibit health instead of supporting it. "This accumulation of toxins, combined with insufficient amounts of essential nutrients, has aided and abetted the incidence of many common 21st-Century ailments," notes the Birmingham chiropractor.

Birmingham Wellness Center provides nutritional counseling as part of its overall commitment to promoting comprehensive wellness among its clientele -- including a dietary option known as the Paleo Diet. Dr. Bonde says she encourages other practitioners to take part in a program called Paleo Practice, founded by Dr. Jennifer, because it returns participants to a nutritional intake closer to that consumed by ancient hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic Era. She states that the diet emphasizes protein, vegetables and fruit over carbohydrates; a pH balance weighted toward the alkaline side of the scale; an increase in potassium accompanied by a decrease in sodium; and a higher intake of "good" fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. "Participants are supported by plenty of information as to what foods they should eat or not eat, and how to prepare them in a healthy and appetizing way," says the chiropractor.

At the start of the Paleo Practice program is what is called the 30-Day Reset, which affords both doctors and patients organized meal plans, recipes, success strategies, videos, and more over the course of 10 modules. Upon the conclusion of the 30-Day Reset, Dr. Bonde explains that participants move on to the “Paleo for Life” portion of the program.

The confidence Dr. Bonde has in the Paleo Diet led her to encourage other chiropractic clinics to become educated about Paleo Practice and the 30-Day Reset. "We feel a moral obligation to share this dietary program with as many practitioners as possible as a means of changing the way the world eats," she says. Dr. Bonde encourages chiropractors to contact her clinic for more information on how they can adopt this dietary program for their own patients' benefit.

In addition to its dietary programs and nutritional counseling services, Birmingham Wellness Center offers spinal adjustment, postural analysis, sports rehabilitation, and other programs that promote general wellness.


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