Maternity Care

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Pregnancy means many changes in your body. The increased size of the uterus causes a swayback posture and can result in pain anywhere in the spine as well as other joints and muscles. Maternity care from a chiropractor can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and recover more quickly, with relief from back and neck pain or morning sickness. Chiropractic is non-invasive and drug-free, which makes it attractive to pregnant women. Birmingham Wellness Center, your Birmingham chiropractor, offers maternity care.

Pregnancy Challenges

As the fetus grows, your body changes. The enlarging belly requires postural adjustments and can cause low back pain. As the pregnancy progresses, pelvic ligaments loosen to aid delivery. However, this can cause sciatica or pain in the hip joints. Any spinal misalignment increases the chance of other physical symptoms, such as heartburn, nausea or fluid retention. Spinal misalignment can also make it more difficult for the baby to turn into the preferred birth position head first. A breech, or feet first birth, is more difficult for the mother and can cause complications.

Pregnancy and the Chiropractor

All chiropractors receive training in the musculoskeletal management of a pregnant woman. Some seek additional training and have greater expertise in the field of pregnancy wellness. For example, the Webster method of pelvic balance is one of the additional areas in which your chiropractor may be knowledgeable. This system of care is designed to reduce the potential for a breech birth. Chiropractic treatment may help provide an easier delivery, offer pain relief, prevent the need for cesarean delivery and decrease the possibility of breech presentation.

Maternity Care By a Chiropractor

As with any musculoskeletal issue, regular adjustments during pregnancy can help relieve muscle strain. Headaches, neck pain and back pain often respond to chiropractic treatment. Once the spine is in proper alignment, the nervous system also functions correctly. Chiropractors also receive extensive training in nutrition and can make recommendations to ensure you and your baby get the proper nutrients. A chiropractor’s focus is on overall wellness and whole-body health, not just symptom management. Do remember, however, that a chiropractor is not an obstetrician you still need regular prenatal care.

Contact Birmingham Wellness Center in Birmingham, MI!

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you. Proper chiropractic maternity care is important to help you achieve a higher state of wellness for yourself and your baby. Please contact us at 248-645-6070 to schedule an appointment or come by the office at 219 Elm Street, in Birmingham, MI. We offer extended and Saturday hours for your convenience. In addition to maternity care, we offer services for patients of all ages, including posture analysis, nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, massage and Well Wave therapy. Please consider us if you need a Birmingham chiropractor.


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