Payment Options

Birmingham Chiropractor Payment Options

The pricing structure offered at Birmingham Wellness Center works to provide patients with a variety of options. Our commitment to wellness care ensures that we have a diverse menu of payment programs right for you whether you carry chiropractic insurance coverage or not. Our office works with most insurance companies and we also are willing to arrange a payment plan for all our services including the Birmingham chiropractor, functional medicine, nutrition, yoga training, massage and physical therapy.

Paying the Birmingham Chiropractor Through an Insurance Company

We have a working relationship with most mainstream insurance providers, but not all plans offer the exact same coverage. It will save time and money if you call ahead of time to find out what your plan covers, if there is a copayment or coinsurance fee required and if there are limitations with your policy. In some cases, the insurance company may pay for physical therapy but not chiropractic care, for example. our Birmingham chiropractor staff will verify your exact benefits with your insurance company and then go over them with you before your visit, so you are fully informed. We can help you get any preauthorizations you need, as well, before you get treatment to avoid problems down the road. This way, you walk into the clinic with what you need in hand.

What If You Have No Insurance?

At this office, we understand that not everyone has health insurance or carries a plan that covers a Birmingham, MI chiropractor. You are not alone, but a lack of insurance coverage should not keep you from getting the chiropractic care you need. Many of our patients manage their own service bills successfully with our assistance. We can work with you to arraign payments or let you know about how much the visit will cost so you can pay when you come into the office. We can let you know what forms of payment we accept, as well. You able to lower your payments by using a credit card for some services such as massage or physical therapy and make payments only for the chiropractic services. 

Staying Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Health is your biggest asset and worth a little time and money to protect. At Birmingham Wellness Center, we are committed to helping you remain healthy. Waiting until you are in crisis just costs you more money. If you don’t feel like you can afford treatment, give us a call anyway. Let us help you find a way. Without good health, you lose more than just your ability to take care of yourself and your family. You lose quality of life, because being in pain is no way to live. We don’t want to see that happen. Taking your health seriously helps ensure you don’t lose either.

If you have financial concerns and are in need of a chiropractor in Birmingham, MI, give us a call at (248)645-6070 to discuss your options.  


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