Rehabilitation Exercise

Our team at Birmingham Wellness Center provides rehabilitation exercises for injuries from illness, accidents, sports, or work. These special exercises are designed to strengthen the back, arms, legs, neck, spine, and other areas where injuries occur. Special exercise and stretches combined with chiropractic care reduces pain and increases mobility. Rehabilitation exercise is often combined with other chiropractic therapies, nutrition, and detoxification. We take referrals from primary care physicians and design a program with rehabilitation exercises and other treatments that fit our patients' needs. Our team strives to provide the best chiropractic care for the Birmingham community.


Rehabilitation Exercises

Exercise restores and strengthens weak or damaged muscles. These exercises encourage muscle movement, allowing healing to occur at a quicker pace. Special exercises are designed to treat injuries and illness. It strengthens joint and back muscles so that patients can perform aerobic exercise. Rehabilitation exercise helps with inflammation and works to heal the problem area causing pain and limited mobility. The treatment can help improve overall health.

Often, the exercise begins with learning good posture, sitting, and standing straight. We may focus on proper breathing while performing specific exercises. The exercises are designed to help patients stay fit while losing weight, reducing pain, and improving overall movement. The routine might include specific exercises to stretch the arms, legs, back, torso, or neck. Our chiropractors might use training devices along with the exercises, depending on what is best for the patient. Rehabilitation exercises are often combined with other therapies and are used to treat lower and upper back pain, neck pain, legs, arms, chronic illness, and injuries.

Micronutrient Testing, Detoxification, and Nutritional Counseling

Micronutrient testing determines what nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to function efficiently. We have a blood test that will help the chiropractor design a diet and supplement program for the patient's needs. It is very specific and customized to each patient and often combined with detoxification or eliminating unhealthy substances from your diet. A detox usually involves eliminating too much sugar, salt, caffeine, and bad fat. It also might include taking supplements, drinking water, eating a healthy diet, and rehab exercises.

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