Sciatica Treatment

sciatica treatment Sciatica is caused by a compression or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches off from the spinal roots in the lower back and runs through the center of each buttock. It continues down through the back of each thigh and calf before ending in the heel and foot. Sciatic pain can start anywhere along the path of the nerve but most commonly starts in the lower back and extends into the leg.

Common causes of sciatic nerve pain include bulging or herniated discs in the lower back and bone spurs. Symptoms include lower back pain, burning or tingling sensations down the leg and into the foot and weakness in the leg and foot.

Severe and persistent pain along the path of the sciatic nerve should be evaluated by our chiropractor. Sciatic pain can get worse without proper treatment.

Sciatica Treatment For Back Pain Relief

Sciatica can be successfully treated with chiropractic care. The first step to getting sciatica treatment is scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor for a thorough evaluation and medical history. During the initial assessment, our chiropractor will determine the cause of your sciatica pain and the severity and devise a course of treatment for healing and back pain relief, which may include chiropractic adjustments along with massage therapy, physical therapy and wellness care.

Chiropractic adjustments treat the source of the pain whether it’s a herniated or bulging disk, compressed nerve or a result of repetitive use over time. Manual adjustments realign the spine and remove stress and pressure from the surrounding muscles, nerves and soft tissues. Decompression increases the space between the discs of the spine to allow bulging and herniated discs to retract into their proper positions.

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles of the back to further provide pain and stress relief, and physical therapy strengthens the muscles of the back to heal the current ailment and prevent future injuries and pain.

Wellness care improves overall health and well-being by providing the individual with nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Pain Management And Total Body Wellness

Sciatica can cause tremendous debilitating pain. Therefore, our approach to this condition always involves a drug-free, pain management program and a recommendation for various lifestyle adjustments, including getting regular exercise and eating well.

Pain medications alleviate pain, but they do not treat the source of the pain. With this in mind, we strive to provide pain relief by treating the source of the condition rather than the symptoms, which gradually reduces the individual’s reliance on pain medications and allows them to lead a fuller life.

Further back pain relief can be attained by making certain diet and lifestyle adjustments. Smokers are advised to reduce nicotine consumption in an effort to quit. Individuals with unhealthy eating habits can benefit from our Paleo Diet 30-Day Reset program. This program relies on eating unprocessed foods that are gluten free and foregoing all milk and dairy products to achieve weight loss, improve immune system function and achieve better metabolic function.



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