Acoustic Compression Therapy FAQ

Acoustic Compression Therapy in Birmingham FAQ

 #1 – What exactly is trigger point acoustic wave therapy?

Trigger point acoustic wave therapy uses focused or planar acoustic waves to stimulate and massage tissue around trigger points. This helps to reduce pain and promotes healing.

 #2 – What’s a trigger point?

The inside of your body is covered with the fascia, a very soft tissue. The fascia covering muscles is known as the myofascial. Trauma or overuse may cause the myofascial to tear and then adhere together, resulting in trigger points. These trigger points have the potential to keep muscles from working the way they should. They may also result in muscle pain, decreased range of motion, and muscle stiffness.

 #3 – What are the therapeutic effects of using a well wave machine?

Focused acoustic waves have the ability to offer several therapeutic effects. While acoustic wave therapy was originally developed to reduce cellulite, it has other therapeutic effects, which include muscle relaxation, stimulation of tissue, pain relief, and improved blood flow.

 #4 – What are the main benefits of using acoustic wave therapy for pain?

One of the main benefits of this therapy is its ability to treat myofascial trigger points in both the superficial and deep layers of the muscles. The waves are focused on relevant muscle layers, ensuring that there are no negative side effects to the tissue layers surrounding the area being treated.

#5 – Will I experience pain during the well wave treatment?

The professional providing the therapy will listen to your feedback when selecting the intensity of your well wave treatment. This ensures that you don’t deal with pain when you have this treatment completed.

 #6 – When is acoustic wave therapy used on patients?

Acoustic wave therapy can be used to treat various issues of the musculoskeletal system, particularly when pain is the primary symptom. Some patients deal with pain, yet a medical professional finds no obvious cause. In many cases, myofascial trigger points are the cause of this pain. Acoustic wave therapy for pain works very well for patients dealing with pain.  

#7 – What is the length of well wave treatment?

Depending on the patient, these treatments may take 10-20 minutes. In most cases, patients will have 1-2 treatments each week. To achieve long-lasting improvement, most patients require at least 3-5 treatments. For patients with acute pain, one or two sessions may offer relief. However, patients who deal with chronic pain may require more sessions to enjoy results.

 #8 – Should I be worried about the side effects of acoustic wave therapy?

When the energy levels are used properly by an experienced professional, most patients do not experience side effects when treated with acoustic wave therapy. However, we encourage patients to talk to our professionals before having this treatment to ensure it’s the best option for their unique needs.


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