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Carpal Tunnel Treatment with our Birmingham Chiropractor

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It's hard to imagine getting through your everyday life without the use of your hands -- but carpal tunnel syndrome can leave you almost as helpless. This chronic inflammation of the space surrounding the wrist's median nerve can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including crippling loss of motor control in your hand. If you need to get back to your daily responsibilities but don't relish the though of undergoing wrist surgery, then you'll be very happy to know that Birmingham Wellness Center can help via our non-invasive carpal tunnel treatment options.

Issues Affecting the Carpal Tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a small "canal" of open space inside the wrist. But this space is not empty by any means; it contains the median nerve, a major nerve that conducts sensory and motor signals through the forearm into the hand. The carpal tunnel is encompassed on all sides by bones and tissues. If the tissues around the median nerve become inflamed and swell up, they may cause an impingement to the extent that your brain has trouble communicating with your hand and fingers. This interference typically causes hand or forearm pain, odd sensations (or loss of sensation) in the hand and affected fingers, and muscle control problems that may make your hand and fingers all but useless for any jobs that require manual dexterity.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel syndrome tends to strike individuals who overuse one or both hands. Athletes who grip rackets or clubs, musicians, artists, and technicians may all be equally prone to this syndrome. People with unusually narrow carpal tunnels, either for congenital reasons or due to wrist bone misalignment, may also experience frequent bouts.

Conservative Treatment and Preventative Care From Your Birmingham Chiropractor

Surgery is a well-known treatment recommendation for carpal tunnel syndrome, but it is not an ideal first choice. The procedure permanently changes your wrist and requires recovery time, with no guarantee of results. Any Birmingham chiropractor on our team can provide conservative care that may eliminate any need for surgery. Depending on what we find in our evaluation, we may prescribe:

  • Adjustments to the wrist bones that give the median nerve more free space
  • Adjustments to correct spinal alignment problems that are referring pain to your wrist (simulating carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Massage therapy to reduce inflammation, ease pain, and encourage tissue healing

While your hand is returning to normal, we can educate you on preventative strategies to keep additional flare-ups at bay. These may include adjustments to your work habits, ergonomic changes to your keyboard or mouse, and regular massages or other treatments to control inflammation.

Free Yourself From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with your Birmingham Chiropractor

If you are ready to say goodbye to a nagging case of carpal tunnel syndrome without saying hello to major surgery, Birmingham Wellness Center has the answers you seek. Call (248) 645-6070 to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation so we can recommend the appropriate combination of treatments for your individual case!


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