Corrective Exercises

Corrective Exercises with our Birmingham Chiropractor

Does your body simply not work the way it once did? If you've lost mobility or are struggling with chronic pain and stiffness, chiropractic care may only be one aspect of your rehabilitation or pain management strategy. Here at Birmingham Wellness Center, we can also prescribe corrective exercises to help you regain lost range of motion and adopt healthier postural habits for a freer, healthier, more comfortable life.

corrective exercises

Definition and Benefits of Corrective Exercise Therapy

What is corrective exercise therapy? Corrective exercises are specific movements or postures designed to change the way your body moves for the better -- retraining muscles and connective tissues to reject incorrect habits in favor of correct ones. This makes it a different strategy than strength training, which focuses on building muscle, or cardio training, which focuses on improving heart and lung efficiency. Many people with bulging muscles suffer from all kinds of chronic pain due to improper movement habits and patterns, while others with relatively little muscle can accomplish astonishing feats simply because their bodies move in a healthy, balanced manner.

How do you benefit from adding a corrective exercise regimen to your chiropractic program? Studies indicate that patients who utilize both techniques enjoy relatively speedy recovery from injuries and/or important gains in their pain-free range of motion. Different kinds of exercises offer different benefits and should be introduced in stages. If you're rehabilitating a serious injury, for example, you may need to start with gentle stretches to improve your flexibility, followed by exercises to regain your musculoskeletal balance before moving on to strength training to restore lost muscle mass.

Examples of Physical Therapy Exercises

Our chiropractic team at Birmingham Wellness Center can customize a corrective exercise plan just for you. You may benefit from physical therapy exercises such as:

  • Golf ball rolls (rolling a golf ball underneath the foot to address pronation problems)
  • Quadriceps or iliotibial band exercises with the aid of a foam roller
  • Knee bends that stretch the calf muscles
  • McKenzie exercises and stretches to relieve neck pain or low back pain
  • Gluteal exercises to strengthen the buttock muscles, which can help you center your body weight over your feet

We can enhance the benefits you receive from your corrective exercise program with supportive therapies such as massage therapy and acoustic compression therapy. These techniques loosen the muscles and ease the pain for more effective workouts.

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