Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Services at Birmingham Wellness Center

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is excellent for stress relief and relaxing sore, stiff muscles but it also is helpful in treating symptoms of a variety of conditions and helps promote healing from various types of injuries. Patients with back and neck pain who’ve been in auto accidents, occupational accidents or suffered sporting injuries typically benefit from treatments from our massage therapist. Those with progressive or congenital conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and even expected mothers can experience restored mobility, decreased pain and faster recovery times with massage.

Massage Therapy Services Available from Our Massage Therapist

Our massage therapist works very closely with our Birmingham Chiropractor at Birmingham Wellness Center to ensure that your chiropractic care and therapeutic massage approach complement one another for maximum results. Here are some of our most popular massage techniques at Birmingham Wellness Center.

Swedish Massage

By far, Swedish massage is the most popular method used by practitioners of massage therapy used on patients seeking pain relief and stress relief. Because of its multi-faced approach of using long smooth strokes, friction, kneading and rolling, percussion and vibration, Swedish massage is often the best choice for those suffering from injuries and chronic illnesses. Swedish massage takes into account one’s physiology and anatomy over the concepts of energy that is commonly an aspect of most therapeutic rub downs.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you have ‘knots’ in your muscles, deep rooted tension, chronic pain or injuries resulting from serious accidents, this form of focused therapeutic massage is ideal for addressing specific areas far beneath the surface of the skin. Deep tissue massage involves the massage therapist using slow, long strokes across the muscles to relieve tightness and pain in the body.

Sports Massage

Many athletes suffer from soreness and tension due to repetitive motion injuries during practice sessions or game time. Sports massages can help treat and promote healing in sports injuries and even assist in recovery after hectic games. Our Birmingham massage therapist gently kneads the soft tissues and major muscle groups associated with the patient’s sport of choice. We may also use spinal decompression, joint mobilization and pressure point therapy to complement these treatments.

Prenatal Massage

Also called pregnancy massage, many expectant mothers get tremendous relief with these specialized treatments that soothe tired, stressed muscles and joints, aching backs, and swelling. We have specialized tables at Birmingham Wellness Center for moms-to-be, and our therapist is certified in the gentle art of pregnancy massage.

Benefits of Massage Therapy at Birmingham Wellness Center

These soothing therapies are often recommended by our Birmingham chiropractor to take place before adjustments to help the body relax and ‘take’ to the spinal manipulation more effectively. Massage therapy can help patients feel better in a number of ways, as it is purported to:

  • Relieve Sore Muscles, Strains & Sprains
  • Promote Faster Injury Recovery
  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility in Joints and Appendages
  • Alleviate Discomfort from Migraines
  • Help Arthritic Pain
  • Treat Auto Accident & Sports Injuries
  • Relieve Symptoms of Congenital and Degenerative Spinal Conditions
  • Minimize Stress, Insomnia & Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  • Improve Circulation & Flush Toxins from the Body

Schedule Therapeutic Massages at Birmingham Wellness Center

If you’re in need of a massage for stress relief, relaxation or to help resolve injuries causing you pain, call our Birmingham chiropractor at (248) 645-6070 today.


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