Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment From Your Birmingham Chiropractor

Shoulder Pain

You may not think about the countless motions your shoulders make in any given day -- until those motions become painful or even impossible. Shoulder pain can severely limit your quality of life and your ability to work, but you don't necessarily have to submit to invasive surgery to correct the problem. Here at Birmingham Wellness Center, we offer safe, non-surgical shoulder pain treatment.

Why is your shoulder hurting so badly? The possible culprits may include:


Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, and when this condition occurs in the shoulder area, you may be struggling with chronic or acute pain or stiffness. Athletes who subject their shoulders to stressful repetitive motions (swinging a tennis racket or golf club, for instance) are prone to this problem.

Sprains and strains

If your shoulder tries to do too much work, either all at once or over an extended period, you may develop strains in its muscles or tendons. It's also possible to stretch a shoulder ligament, a condition known as a sprain.

Rotator Cuff Damage

The muscles and tendons that permit motion in the shoulder are collectively known as the rotator cuff. If these tissues sustain an injury, you may suffer from shoulder pain, especially if you try to lie on the affected side of your body.


In some cases, a strong impact to the shoulder joint can cause the end of the bone to pop right out of its usual position within the rotator cuff. This issue is not only painful, but it can also predispose you to future dislocations.


Fluid-filled sacs known as bursae normally help prevent friction within shoulder joint components. But these sacs can experience inflammation and irritation of their own, with shoulder pain as the result.

Frozen Shoulder

If your arm is in a cast or you've otherwise held your shoulder motionless for a long period of time, it can experience a painful kind of stiffness called adhesive capsulitis, better known as frozen shoulder.

How Your Birmingham Chiropractor Treats Shoulder Pain

We have a three-chiropractor team in Birmingham Michigan. We can evaluate your musculoskeletal condition, medical history, and current symptoms to get to the bottom of your shoulder issue. We may find that the pain is actually being referred from another problem entirely, such as a muscle knot or cervical misalignment. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapies can correct those issues to stop the pain signals being sent to your shoulder. If the shoulder joint itself is dislocated or otherwise misaligned, we can administer adjustments to the joint components directly. Massage therapy and acoustic compression (Well Wave) therapy can also be applied to ease soft tissue pain, relieve stiffness and speed healing.

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Why shoulder the burden of your discomfort alone when Birmingham Wellness Center is ready, willing and able to create your very own non-surgical shoulder pain treatment plan? Get the natural relief you need and deserve by calling (248) 645-6070 today to schedule an initial consultation at our clinic!



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