Plantar Fasciitis FAQ

Frequently Asked Plantar Fasciitis Questions at Birmingham Wellness Center

Plantar fasciitis afflicts approximately 2 million people each year. If you're one of these unlucky ones, you may be struggling to understand this condition's causes, symptoms and solutions so you can obtain relief. Check out these answers to frequently asked questions about plantar fasciitis from Birmingham Wellness Center.

Plantar Fasciitis FAQ from Birmingham Wellness Center

  • What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is a strain injury to the plantar fascia, a strong band of connective tissue supporting the arches of the foot. Micro-tears in this tissue eventually lead to chronic inflammation.
  • What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis causes pain in the heels and/or the arches of the feet. It's known for being most painful when you first roll out of bed and stand on your feet in the morning, with the pain lessening as the feet limber up.
  • What are some common causes of plantar fasciitis? You may have been born with "flat feet," high arches or uneven arch support, making you naturally prone to plantar fasciitis. But for many individuals, long hours of standing and/or shoes that provide poor support are to blame. Runners and other athletes who place their feet under extreme stress may experience plantar fasciitis as a type of overuse injury.
  • What's the relationship between plantar fasciitis and spinal alignment? Abnormalities in your arch support can throw off the various weight-bearing joints that make up your kinetic chain, creating imbalances all the way up your body. But the reverse may also be true -- a faulty spinal alignment can place abnormal stresses on your feet, resulting in (or worsening) plantar fasciitis.
  • How does your chiropractor determine the cause of my plantar fasciitis? In addition to asking you about your job, footwear, activity level and other factors, your chiropractor at Birmingham Wellness Center will perform a postural analysis to see whether and how your alignment is affected by your feet (or vice versa).
  • How does chiropractic treatment address plantar fasciitis? Chiropractic adjustments to your spinal column can help normalize your stance and gait, redistributing your weigh along your kinetic chain and making it easier for your arches to support your weight. We can also perform extremity adjustments to the foot or ankle if necessary.
  • What other techniques and recommendations help me get over my plantar fasciitis? Massage therapy can help boost blood flow and reduce inflammation in your aching feet, while prescribed exercises can you rehabilitate the injured plantar fascia. We can even advise you on healthier footwear (including orthotic supports), weight loss, and work/lifestyle practices to keep your feet happy in the future.

Plantar Fasciitis Solutions for Birmingham, Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Troy

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