FAQ on Posture Analysis

FAQ on Posture Analysis in Birmingham, MI

Your posture can play an important role in the overall health. Poor posture can result in back pain and other conditions that cause you discomfort and make it harder to do daily activities. Having a posture analysis in Birmingham, MI done can provide you with important information on whether or not you need to work on your posture and how to go about it. At Birmingham Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care that can help you correct your posture and relieve back pain and other symptoms. Woman on beach with good posture in Birmingham, MI

What Is a Posture Analysis?

Our Birmingham posture analysis involves doing a visual analysis of the way you stand and the way you hold your head. Our chiropractor will check your head, spine and neck, as well as your pelvis, hips, knees and ankles to see if they are properly aligned when you stand. This analysis provides information on whether or not your body weight is distributed evenly when you stand or move. If this distribution is uneven, it can contribute to poor posture that causes you to put too much pressure on certain joints. Our chiropractor might also put pressure on specific muscles and have work on resisting that pressure, which provides evidence of imbalances in certain parts of your body. 

Why Should I Have a Posture Analysis Done?

This analysis offers us important details on the cause of your pain, so we can come up with an effective treatment plan. Depending on where your posture is affected and what is causing your symptoms, we might recommend chiropractic adjustments and other types of treatments, such as massage therapy. Keep in mind that having poor posture might indicate that you have an underlying condition that is affecting your joints, such as a herniated disc or another type of spinal problem. Our analysis can help us figure out what might be causing your symptoms. You might also have poor posture from your everyday habits, such as sitting at a desk slightly hunched over or playing certain kinds of sports that require repetitive movements that affect your posture. 

How Can I Improve My Posture?

After doing an analysis, we will help you improve your posture through a combination of treatments, which might include spinal adjustments, exercises, massage and other forms of functional medicine. We also offer advice on nutrition to help you maintain healthy joints for ongoing pain relief. Undergoing these treatments can help you work on  proper posture, which can relieve discomfort in your back, neck, hips and other parts of your body. With our help at Birmingham Wellness Center, you will learn how to maintain the right posture in order to lower the risk of experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort. 

Contact Us for a Birmingham, MI Posture Analysis

If you are interested in having a Birmingham, MI posture analysis done, please contact our chiropractor at (248) 645-6070 to make an appointment.


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