Stress Relief

Birmingham Wellness Center Encourages Stress Relief

Our supportive and educated staff at Birmingham Wellness Center understands how stress affects your life. Stress can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, digestive issues, anxiety and depression. Our Birmingham MI chiropractic and wellness center encourages stress relief and helps you achieve this.

Services We Offer in Birmingham

Our diverse chiropractor staff is able to evaluate your condition and determine the best way to give you stress relief. Some of the options we use include:

Massage therapy

Massage therapy reduces muscle tension. When this tension is lessened, you feel less stressed. When you feel less stressed, your muscles relax. It is a beneficial cycle and one that is prompted with a relaxing massage. Massage therapy also helps to eliminate scar tissue within the muscles to reduce remnants of prior injuries. This helps to improve your range of motion, which supports an active lifestyle which leads to stress relief.

Nutritional support

Our Birmingham chiropractors and health team evaluate your eating habits and make suggestions to reduce stress. You might not think that foods cause stress, but if you have an allergic reaction to a food, your body responds with stress. This shows up as symptoms such as inflammation, headaches and fatigue. If we eliminate food stressors, your overall stress decreases and you simply feel better.

Chiropractic adjustments

Birmingham Wellness Center chiropractors use various approaches for your chiropractic care. We manually adjust your neck and back to position your spine in the least stressful position. When we eliminate physical stressors such as tense muscles and out of place vertebrae, your stress is reduced. We also may use a tool called an Activator to target your misalignments and return your spine to a healthy position.

Functional medicine

Our functional medicine approach views your body as a whole. Instead of only giving you ways to eliminate your stress, we examine what may be causing your stress and seek to eliminate that. Now, you have tools to attack your stress when it happens, but also to reduce the chances of it occurring.

Acoustic Compression

Acoustic Compression therapy- this technique targets your pain with acoustic sound energy waves to promote healing. When you are in less pain, you are less stressed.

Stress Support

Our services do not end when you leave Birmingham Wellness Center. We educate you on ways to de-stress at a moment's notice. This includes relaxation techniques, visualization and deep breathing. We encourage you to join out free web-site to receive health information that includes ways to de-stress your life.

Call Birmingham Wellness Center Today

Our Birmingham chiropractors spend time talking with you and show you lifestyle changes you can make to support a stress-free life before stress affects your health. We look forward to talking with you and showing you ways to relax. You deserve a peaceful, calm and happy life. A life that is carefree, physically active and enjoyable. Our Birmingham Wellness Center staff will support you throughout your journey. If you are ready to de-stress and improve your health, please call us today at (248) 645-6070.


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