Getting Help for a Whiplash Injury

Birmingham Wellness Center treats whiplash injuries. Whiplash is a general category for a number of different injury situations that almost always involve some kind of sudden torque or twist of the body. Violent and traumatic forces can cause a body to go one direction and suddenly in another direction creating a “whiplash” effect that can tear muscles and ligaments. The injury can also create ongoing, permanent misalignments of skeletal connections that can end up handicapping the body for years afterward.


Timing is Everything

Ideally, treatment is applied quickly and early to help alleviate the injury as well as potentially avoid permanent limitations. With whiplash injuries that affect the neck, spine or extremities, it can be set right with chiropractic techniques that focus on putting the body back into proper function and motion. These techniques can allow the body to relax and heal properly, which in turn increases its capacity to repair muscular injuries caused by whiplash.

Why do whiplash accidents have such a debilitating effect if they are not treated right away? The problem comes with how medical care is provided. Right after an injury, immediate medical treatment normally focuses on visible injuries. Lacerations, broken bones and contusions are treated to reduce swelling and close up openings. The body is then expected to do the rest of the work putting everything back together. And the body does this extremely well most of the time.

However, when the injured body is misaligned, muscles will follow the same forces, and torn muscle and ligaments will form scar tissue as it heals. That scarring can easily create problems, resistance to motion, and eventually permanent limitations. Everything from basic stretching to stronger, more complex motions such as walking and running can be hampered with or even blocked entirely due to muscle scarring unless surgically repaired.

How Extended Treatment is Provided Makes a Difference

Because of the muscle and ligament scarring risk, physical therapy is often recommended after initial injury treatment. However, this won’t solve the real whiplash problem if the muscles and joints are still misaligned from the whiplash injury. Chiropractic care can remedy this problem directly, by letting the body finally focus on healing correctly.

The Birmingham Wellness Center can solve the gap of critical muscular and skeletal follow-up treatment from a chiropractic approach. Our team is well-versed on whiplash conditions and the related damage. Our team has real, practical experience on hand. Our patients receive a qualified approach that produces far better results for recovery when compared to a generic physical therapy approach. Call us today at (248) 645-6070 to book your appointment for whiplash treatment.


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