Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief at Birmingham Wellness Center

Believe it or not, pain is a good thing -- or at least it's supposed to be. The ability to feel pain provides us with the necessary warning that something is wrong and needs to be tended to. But pain can also torture you long after its usefulness has expired, leaving nothing but chronic disability and lowered quality of life. If you hope to control or eliminate this pain without depending on drugs, you'll want to investigate the natural pain management solutions here at Birmingham Wellness Center in Birmingham, MI.

Natural Pain Relief at Birmingham Wellness Center

Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Other Debilitating Discomfort

Your nervous system relays all sort of information, including pain signals signifying a physical problem. Examples of acute pain include neck pain from a whiplash injury, back pain from a fall or lifting-related strain, or extremity pain from a dislocated shoulder. When these problems heal themselves, the pain they cause should go away. Sometimes, however, internal scarring or other factors can cause the pain to linger until it is classified as chronic.

Chronic pain is also a feature of irreversible conditions such as arthritis or recurring syndromes such as sciatica. Sometimes you can end up with a chronic pain condition through overuse or repetitive motion strain. Pinched nerve tissue is another source of chronic pain. An alignment problem or herniated disc in your lower back, for example, can cause the back pain and leg pain associated with sciatica. A pinched nerve near the spine can refer pain down that nerve to a remote part of the body, making you think that the problem is originating in that part.

Our Birmingham Chiropractor Can Ease Your Pain Without Drugs

Many people turn to drugs to ease their pain, only to find that these substances present problems of their own while providing only temporary relief at best. Your Birmingham chiropractor, Dr. Bonde or Dr. Iannucci, can do better. We perform a detailed evaluation of your musculoskeletal system while studying your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and other relevant factors to track down the cause and source of your pain. We then provide corrective measures to fix the problem at that source. Our pain management methods include:

    • Chiropractic adjustments to release compressed nerves, relieve joint pain, and correct sources of musculoskeletal strain
    • Massage therapy to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and encourage tissue healing
    • Corrective exercises to increase your pain-free range of motion
    • Acoustic compression therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and tightness

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